CourtVision is registered with the USPTO of the Department of Commerce under Title 35 U.S.C. 111(b) and holds patent-pending technology for "Methods, systems and applications for organizing basketball activities."

CourtVision holds trademarks for CourtVision™, Find. Check-In. Play.™, CourtVision Connect™, and Next-Generation Basketball™.

CourtVision utilizes novel methodologies and technological protocols on the organizational aspects of geographically-isolated and spatially-related communal basketball activities; coupled to proprietary location-based servicing algorithms; utilizing a plurality of nodes and members within a network; with social community interaction and aggregation and virtual competition components; resulting in various data generation specifically tailored to the physical and behavioral facets of basketball enthusiasts; and virtually operating from a REAL-TIME and dynamic terminal with a scalable and integrable platform.

ABSTRACT: The present invention details methods, systems and applications for organizing basketball activities with a software application utilizing social-networking components, league organizational components, and fitness-tracker integrative components. The invention describes a software application with an interactive user-interface whereby users are able to find and discover pickup basketball games, with said application displaying geographic locations of indoor and outdoor basketball courts from an integrated database. Users are able to visualize detailed information including number of active players present at any given time, number of games scheduled for any given day, and player profile information with social-networking components for connecting with players. Users are able to join and check-in to basketball courts and pickup basketball games in real-time through a location-based service (LBS) with unique geo-fencing algorithms optimized for mobile platforms, subsequently displaying details of this action for other users to visualize within the dynamic user-interface of the software application. Users are able to schedule pickup basketball games in advance while allowing other users to join prescheduled games. Users are able to track various data such as total aggregate times spent on courts, frequent locations, most popular days to play basketball, most popular courts, and other data as described in the embodiments. Users are able to track specific basketball-related fitness activity within the aforementioned software application such as calories burned, total steps taken, total miles, and other quantitative measures as described in the embodiments. Users are presented with weather conditions and forecast information for a given basketball court location within the software application. Furthermore, a unique and novel method and system of organized basketball league game play is described as an example which primarily, but not limited to, includes the use of the aforementioned software application.